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Unlock the secrets to having a robust
LinkedIn account that will attract both
Recruiters and Job Opportunities

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Unlock the secrets to having a magnetic
LinkedIn account that will attract both
Recruiters and Job Opportunities

Say goodbye to the frustration of spinning your wheels and not knowing what to say or do on LinkedIn.

Led by a seasoned recruiting expert, you'll gain invaluable insights on profile strategies that work, and will help you be one step closer to your next opportunity

Elevate your job searching game and LinkedIn profile effortlessly.

Hi Friends, I'm Caroline!

Former Executive Search Recruiter with over 15 years of experience on the agency side. I currently live in South Carolina with my husband, Gary, and 2 Weimrarners (Zena and Zara). When I’m not teaching my community LinkedIn strategies, I enjoy spending time by the beach.

Over the past decade plus, I’ve perfected LinkedIn and want to teach YOU what Recruiters and Hiring Managers are looking for with a complete profile.

I’ve worked with start up environments, private equity, privately held companies and publicly traded companies all over the United States. I’ve recruited in industries ranging from Manufacturing, Pharma, Technology, Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Service Based Organizations, Non-Profits, Education, Telecommunications and many more. Trust me, updating your profile is a game changer.

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I’m a firm believer
You CAN learn how to use LinkedIn the right way to attract the right Recruiters and Job Opportunities to your profile.

You CAN set up your profile to showcase your professional skills.

You CAN free up more time job searching by optimizing your profile.

"Caroline is a LinkedIn Expert. She knows
exactly how to set up your profile to
attract Recruiters like her!" Ashley

"Thank you, thank you. Since Optimizing my account, I've received 5 new messages from Recruiters. All within the past week!" Katie


What’s included: 
The Job Seekers Guide to LinkedIn Optimization Digital Course (Value: $500)

Boolean Searches and Outreach Message Examples (Value: $250)

Total Value: $750

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This is for you if….
You are actively or passively job searching.

You can't figure how to set up your LinkedIn profile properly to attract Recruiters and Job Opportunities

You feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to find your next opportunity

I'm here to show you EXACTLY what Recruiters look for!

"You are amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you. This course has been a game changer!" Susan

The Investment 
Only $97

"Excellent resource! I had no clue! I've already heard from 2 Recruiters this week after updating my profile" Samantha


It's time to attract Recruiters and Job Opportunities

What’s Included
The Job Seekers LinkedIn Optimization Digital Course (Value: $500)

My LinkedIn Profile Checklist (Value: $250)

Total Value: $750

The Investment: Only $97

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m new to LinkedIn?
This is the perfect time to start!

I have LinkedIn, but I’m not sure I’m using it the right way. Is this for me?
If you don’t have jobs coming to YOU, this course is for you!

I apply to most positions, but don’t receive the response I was hoping for. Is this the right place to get started?
You are in the right spot. Applying and praying is not an effective way to get a job. I’ll show you a better way.

I'm passively job searching but not getting contacted by Recruiters. Can I enroll?
Yes! Your profile just needs a tweaking to attract Recruiters and I can show you HOW!

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- Emma 

"Optimizing my LinkedIn profile  has opened up so many opportunities for me. I received 2 job offers in the past 30 days after tweaking my profile. Thank you for showing me how to use LinkedIn!"

- Katherine Bennett

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


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