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Get started setting your LinkedIn profile up so that you can connect and network with likeminded professionals, potential employers and networking groups. 

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Want to grow professionally? 

Unlock the secrets to having a professional
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Say goodbye to not knowing who to network professionally with. 

Led by a seasoned LinkedIn expert, you'll gain invaluable insights on profile strategies that work, and will help you get connected to endless opportunities! 

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Hi Friends, I'm Caroline!

LinkedIn Expert teaching female entrepreneurs how to start, grow and scale their presence and business on LinkedIn. I currently live in South Carolina with my husband, Gary, and 2 Weimrarners (Zena and Zara). When I’m not teaching my community LinkedIn strategies, I enjoy spending time by the beach.

Before becoming an online entrepreneur, I worked as a Corporate Executive Recruiter for 15 years working on LinkedIn every single day. I made it my mission to master the platform and now I want to teach YOU exactly how to set up a professional profile correctly. 

LinkedIn is no longer a web site just for job seekers and job openings for companies. It's a full blown professional networking site. With over 1B users and 130M active DAILY users, the professional possibilities are endless! You can connect with likeminded professionals, join professional groups and find YOUR community on the platform. It's a game changer!

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I’m a firm believer
You CAN learn how to use LinkedIn the right way to open up YOUR professional network. 

You CAN set up your profile to showcase your professional skills.

You CAN network and become part of a professional community on LinkedIn.

"Caroline is a LinkedIn Expert. After taking this course, I felt more confident setting up my profile so that I could put my best foot forward" Candice

"Thank you, thank you!! Since starting my LinkedIn account, I've joined 3 professional groups and connected with 100 people!" Beth


What’s included: 
Step by Step Guide on how to set up your profile (Value: $500)

My LinkedIn profile Checklist (Value: $250)

Total Value: $750

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This is for you if….

You want to widen your professional netowrk. 

You can't figure how to set up your LinkedIn profile properly 

You feel like you are spinning your wheels not knowing where to start when it comes to LinkedIn

I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to set up your professional profile!

"Wow!! Thank you for this. You made the whole process of setting up my profile way less scary!" Wendy

The Investment 
Only $197

"Excellent resource! I had no clue! I've already connected with 25 people this week in my same field" Sarah

It's time to set up YOUR LinkedIn profile

What’s Included:

Step by Step Guide on Setting up Your Profile
(Value: $500)

My LinkedIn Profile Checklist (Value: $250)

Total Value: $750

The Investment: Only $197

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m new to LinkedIn?
This is the perfect time to start!

I have LinkedIn, but I’m not sure if I set it up the right way. Is this for me?
If you are not actively expanding your professional network YOU, this course is for you!

I am interested in growing professional but have no clue where to start. Is this the right place to get started?
You are in the right spot. I can show you how to set up an optimized profile. 

I'm curious to learn more. Can I enroll?
Yes! Your profile just needs a tweaking and I can show you HOW!

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- Jessica 

"Setting up a LinkedIn profile has been a game changer for me. I have met so many people in my same line of work and I love the groups that I've joined. They provide so much value. Thank you for showing me how to set up LinkedIn!"

- Katherine Bennett

"I'm so happy I bought this product. Immediately, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


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